We’ve been lucky enough to work alongside some fantastic wedding photographers in recent years. It’s genuinely a pleasure to browse their pictures on Facebook post-wedding and see what they’ve captured of our client’s special day!

For a long time I’ve been wanting to write a blog post about some of the coolest wedding ‘togs’ out there, but in this post I’m going to be selfish and talk about my personal favourite!

James Revitt of Flawless Photography, based out of Lincolnshire, has been the photographer at 3 weddings our bands have performed at now, and he gets my recommendation. I think it’s something to do with the classic, film-like look he goes for – his style just seems to suit a wedding really well. He’s one of the few photographers who have the ability to create something really special. As a (wannabe) photographer myself, I’m usually pretty envious when I see his pictures pop up on my Facebook timeline. I was even asking him for tips at the last wedding I saw him at!

In my experience, there are certain parts of a wedding that shouldn’t be cut back on if you want your happy memories to live on and on. You could say it’s the things that will get talked about after the big day is over, and your photographs are likely to be at the top of that list. They’ll be shared, tagged on Facebook, and hung around your house for years to come. So please take my advice and don’t cut back on the big things – especially photography – get someone good!

And don’t forget, your photographer is going to be with you for the entire day (almost), so make sure you get someone nice too! James has always been a pleasure to work with. Not that we’ve run into any mean photographers, god forbid!

You can find James at Flawless Photography below:

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