We’re often contacted by young couples really excited about booking a band for their wedding, but they’ve left it until the last minute and the band they wanted is already booked. It’s really disappointing because we’d love nothing more than to hook them up with the perfect band.

A lot of our couples book a year in advance – sometimes two – and while it doesn’t mean all our bands are booked if you get in touch a couple of months before your wedding (sometimes we have last minute openings) you’ve definitely got a better chance of not being disappointed if you look a year into the future.

If you book all your wedding suppliers a year in advance you won’t have to go with your second choice because your first choice is already booked.

In our experience couples book their wedding venue first, usually followed by their photographer, florist, cake supplier etc. Entertainment can sometimes be an afterthought, but with a live band being so popular nowadays we think it’s best to consider it in-line with all your other wedding suppliers. The main reason couples don’t do this is due to budget.

The budget problem.

So, you’ve set aside money for all the required items at your wedding. You will definitely need a venue, after all! You might find entertainment may not fit into your budget initially and you’ll look to sort it out later on when you’ve got a better idea of things, but in our experience this is how booking a band ends up being a stressful last minute rush, with all the best groups being taken.

What we suggest is to set aside a healthy budget for your entertainment early on. Then, if you run into budget problems later down the line we’d be more than happy to help you with any alterations you might want to make. We understand budgets are tight nowadays and if you need to cancel the acoustic set you wanted during your meal, that’s no problem. We won’t charge you anything for the cancellation. Our bands are totally flexible, even after booking.

Above all else, booking early is the key – at least a year before your wedding to avoid disappointment. However if you’re running late, be sure to get in touch because you might be the lucky one with that last available date! And if all our bands are booked, we’ll recommend somebody who’s up to the job.

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