We've been creating live bands since 2011

Our Story

We’re Dave & Dan, two professional musicians with a love for performing live. After years of gigging at events up and down the country, we played alongside a lot of wedding and events bands who we felt lacked a certain something. They were usually great musicians, but they weren’t always great performers. They had no energy, no attitude and no stage presence. We both agreed something important was missing.

Going our own way

We knew there were musicians out there who performed their hearts out at every show, creating that electric energy and ambience you usually only get at a ‘real gig’. So, we set out on a path of our own, searching for likeminded musicians and bands who loved performing, and we launched our own brand of live music for hire. Live music with energy and attitude; live music with that all important something.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring a new standard of live music performance to wedding and events. Our bands aren’t wedding bands, or corporate bands, they’re just bands; real bands, with musicians who go out and rock weddings and events for the love of performing live. If you’re booking a live band, you deserve the real thing.

Band Factory Studios

Every one of our bands perform the videos you see on our website live in our own recording studio. This is our way of staying real and authentic. We want the bands you see on our website to be a true reflection of what you’re going to hear when they’re up close and personal.

Proud to Say We're Different

The majority of live music suppliers are booking agencies who represent hundreds of acts, but we’re proud to say we’re a little different. We manage our bands directly. We produce live videos, recordings, set lists and websites and we work closely with each band on image and performance to ensure a higher standard of professionalism at every event.

Band Factory HQ

Our offices and recording studio are in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, but our bands perform all across the UK.