You’ve got the perfect venue, THE dress and the tastiest canapés this side of the Atlantic, but all that might well be forgotten if nobody has much fun! Could there be anything worse than guests yawning and checking their watches halfway through the night? Keep your guests awake and talking about your wedding for years to come with these top tips!

1. Use social media

At a wedding we recently played at, the couple set up a hashtag for their wedding, asking guests to tag their photos during the night on Instagram and Twitter. This is a modern uptake on the disposable camera, and one that definitely made for a fun lot of photos that everyone could enjoy! Why not set up a Facebook group for your guests a few weeks before the wedding, your guests can start getting to know each other, cutting out all the awkward introductions on the day. Get everyone to upload their photos and by the end you’ll have a great album to really remember the day, plus possibly some beautiful new friendships!

2. Mix up your first dance

One of our favourite first dances started with a little known Wolfmother song before transitioning into… wait for it… R Kelly’s ‘Ignition’! It was a strange mix to work with, but a lot of fun to learn and perform, and the crowd LOVED it! Prepare something that your guests won’t expect and get the fun going right from the start.

3. Provide something for the kids

A wedding isn’t always a fun place for children, it’s a long day filled with adults talking! Keep the little ones entertained with a designated kids table filled with crafts and toys. If you have the extra space at your venue, provide a separate playroom with video games, movies or even a magician (though be prepared for some of your ‘adult’ guests to spend the night playing games as well!).

4. Have a cocktail station

A grown up version of the ever popular sweet table. Have a mixologist on hand to teach your (adult) guests the art of mixing cocktails. It’ll be a talking point as guests compare their concoctions, and they might even go home with a new skill!

5. Go pyrotechnic

End the night with a bang with a fireworks display choreographed to ‘your’ song. Having a big finale to your wedding will keep your guests partying right until the end and make it a night to remember! For a little extra flair, give sparklers to all your guests for some beautiful long exposure photographs.

6. Get creative with your centrepieces

Make your table centrepieces part of the fun by using retro games instead of flowers. As well as getting the group laughing and getting to know each other, it’ll keep everyone entertained whilst they wait for the next course! Keep it lighthearted with Jenga or Kerplunk (don’t make your guests fall out over Monopoly!).

7. Hire a band

Okay, we’re definitely biased on this one, but it’s fair to say weddings with a band are the most fun! Hiring a band for your wedding gets all your guests up and dancing, and there’s nothing better than a full dance floor. Most of our clients tell us how glad they are they booked a band, and how much their guests enjoyed the party atmosphere.

8. Get quirky with your guestbook

Instead of a traditional guestbook, go a little more ‘out there’ with something unique. Try using a dictionary and let your guests choose a word to describe the two of you along with their message. Don’t forget to hand out brightly coloured marker pens so the message stands out from the print! Alternatively have a special jigsaw printed with the same number of pieces as guests. Have your guests write on the back of the pieces, and after the wedding assemble and frame them. You’ll have a cute piece of art to remember your wedding and will always know that on the other side of the picture are all the messages of love and encouragement from family and friends.

9. Stop sore feet in their tracks

High heels mean sore feet. Sore feet mean no dancing. Stop those heels from emptying the dance floor by providing a basket of flip flops for the ladies! Either match them to your colour scheme, or go for a rainbow of feet, just remember to get them in various sizes!

10. Get advice for the future

Put booklets on each table and let your guests pass on their advice, anything from the secrets of a happy marriage to potential names for your first child. Your guests will feel involved, and after the wedding you’ll have a great time reading their different bits of advice! Or let guests give you unusual date night ideas and make a pact with your other half to try out each one of the ideas at least once. Your date nights will remain fresh and exciting, and you might even discover a new passion!

Organising a wedding is stressful, we all know that, but when the day finally arrives, enjoy it! People probably won’t remember if the flowers aren’t the ones you ordered, or if the chair covers don’t quite match the colour scheme. Forget the little things and make the most of your special day. After all, if you’re having fun, your guests will have fun. And that’s fun, right?

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