First time booking a live band? Here are some helpful tips and advice.


Can you learn my first dance song?

All our bands are more than happy to learn and perform your first dance song, free of charge.

Can I see your bands live before I book?

Our bands’ diaries tend to be so full with private events it’s difficult to organise a public gig. That’s why we have so much promotional material on the website, as well as Youtube and Vimeo, to help you make an informed decision without having to see the band live.

Do you have public liability insurance and PAT tested equipment?

All our bands have Public Liability Insurance up to 5 million pounds and all our equipment is PAT tested. We include our certificates for these in our booking confirmation email but if you’ve lost track of this you can email us with a request for them at any time.

Can I choose which songs my band will play?

Of course! However, our advice is to choose your favourites from our song list and let us add a few great tracks that we know go down well no matter the occasion. We always do our best to follow the style of songs you choose.

What time do your bands arrive?

The default time for our bands to arrive is 6pm. We can provide some flexibility on our arrival time but please be aware there may be additional charges if you require the band to arrive before 5pm.

How long do your bands perform for?

Our bands perform a total of two hours of live music with a break in-between. We always recommend this is split up as 2 x 60 minute sets – in our experience this flows better during an evening event. However, our bands are happy to perform 3 x 40 minute sets instead, if that’s what you’d prefer.

How long does it take your bands to setup?

It takes our bands around an hour to setup and sound-check their equipment. Please note they will have to get changed and warm-up their voices after setting up before they can straight into a performance. This usually takes around 20 minutes.

How much space do your bands need to setup?

Our bands usually need 4m (width) x 3.5m (depth) to setup their entire range of equipment, but they can cut back on things like lighting rigs to fit into smaller spaces when necessary.

Do you require a booking fee/deposit?

Yes, we require a 20% deposit upon booking.

When do you require the full payment?

We’ll get in touch with you around 4 before your event to raise a balance invoice for your final payment.

Do your bands have a rider?

Nothing like the legends of bands from the 70s! Our bands simply ask for a room to get changed in and a meal for the musicians that will be attending your event. Our bands aren’t fussy on the food front – if you’re having an evening buffet that will be more than suitable and greatly appreciated!

No event is too far

Our bands perform across the entire country and we don’t charge any travel fees if you’re within 3 hours travel time of our HQ in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, which includes most of London!

No venue is too small

We’ve never actually encountered a venue that’s been too small to play in. Anyway, in our experience, a small venue with a packed dance floor makes for a pretty awesome night!

Need Any More Help?

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