Wedding Band Showcase, 19th March

We’re hosting a wedding band showcase on Thursday the 19th of March at The Regent Hotel, Doncaster – all forms of our bands will be strutting their stuff on the night and it’s free entry! We’ve got space for 100 people, so whether you’re looking to book, or you’ve already booked, get yourself down there for some sweet live music!

Doors open at 7:30pm and music begins at 8:30pm.

The Regent Hotel
Regent Square

There’s free parking at Regent Square, or if that fills up you’ll find a free space on Roman Road, just a 60 second walk away.

We’ll be taking booking fees on the night, so if you’d like to secure your date before anyone else gets in there you’ll be able to do so.

Everyone is welcome, so feel free to bring your friends and family. The bar at Regent will be open until 10:30pm.

Give us a call on 01302 288 244 or drop us an email at info@bandfactory.co.uk if you’ve got any questions about the night!


What Can Go Wrong When You Hire a Wedding Band?

It’s a valid question, so let’s not beat around the bush! What if something goes wrong on the day of your wedding? There are a few things that can turn upside down when you hire a wedding band – the kind of stuff that makes us musicians wake up in a cold sweat! To help us sleep at night, we’ve spent time putting precautions in place so that when you hire one of our bands, things go off without a hitch, no matter what.

Time for some theoretical third-party questions…

What if you break down on the way to my wedding?

This one’s basically a worst case scenario, but we have to put precautions in place, just in case! All of our musicians travel to gigs in our band vans, which are all covered by two breakdown policies. One with onward travel, so we can get towed TO your wedding, and one to call afterwards to take us home. We wouldn’t be able to guarantee our arrival any other way. So no matter what, we can get there, basically!

What if a band member is ill?

We purposely make sure all our bands play a certain amount of the same songs, so any one of our musicians can stand-in for another when necessary. Saying that, we’ve actually only had to do this a total of 3 times since we started our first band. It’s extremely rare for someone to be so ill that they can’t perform.

What if your equipment stops working?

There are really only two pieces of equipment that a band can’t perform without. That’s a PA system and a mixing desk. That’s why we keep a spares for both at our office, which are exactly the same high quality as our bands use at every gig, and can be delivered to your wedding by one of our members of staff at any time. When it comes to guitars, amps and microphones etc. we’ve done enough gigs to know we need spares on hand at every gig, so they’re always with us… That’s some experience talking there!

What if you get stuck in traffic and you’re late?

We set off just under an hour early to every event, even earlier if it’s is over 2 hours away. These are time frames we’ve come up with after years of gigging and we know they get us everywhere we need to go, on time. With this extra time allowed, we really can’t say we’ve ever been more than a few minutes late, even after some really bad motorway traffic. This extra time also means that we avoid rush hour, because really – who wants to be involved in that?!

What if *anything* goes wrong?

We always have a spare member of staff on call whenever our bands are gigging. They are all multi-instrumentalists who can drive all our vans, and can deliver replacement equipment to any gig. Essentially, they can do almost everything you could ever think of needing cover for.

So, if something goes wrong, chances are we’ve already thought of it and we’ve got it covered! Saying that, if we suddenly become surrounded by the worst flood in history, or if we get caught in the eye of a tornado, there’s a chance we might be forced to reluctantly admit defeat (although it would have to be a damn strong tornado!), but for absolutely anything else – and we mean anything else – we’ll always do our absolute best to make sure you’re never left without entertainment on the day of your wedding. Seriously, we wouldn’t be able to sleep otherwise.


7 Things You Should Never Say to a Professional Musician

We’ve heard all sorts of strange and wonderful post-gig questions from guests at events in recent months – it was about time we wrote some of them down! The following list is just a few of the things that get said to our bands on a near gig-to-gig basis. Some of them from drunken people, some of them from sober people, most of them accidentally offensive to a musician in some form or another, but all said in good fun (we think?!).

1. You should go on X-Factor!

Ooh, no – it’s not even possible! X-Factor is for solo singers and girl/boy bands – not live bands with instruments, amps, drums, pedal boards, cables, and a microphone for every voice, amp and drum kit piece. It wouldn’t go down well if a group walked on stage at live auditions and said “Simon, it’s going to take us about an hour to setup our gear, don’t go anywhere!” Not that anyone of us would dare speak to Simon in that way. He could probably erase anyone’s music career with a click of his fingers!

2. What’s your real job?

This is probably the most accidentally offensive of all questions so I had to get it in there early. This answer is this… Between weekly rehearsals and a 3 gig weekend, a working week for a professional musician often equates to around 30-40 hours on the job. And a lot of musicians teach their instrument for around 10 hours per week as well. So the answer to that question – if not a very good answer – is usually just “this”. Boring, isn’t it?!

3. How old are you? You look about 12!

Believe it or not this is probably the most common thing that gets said to our bands! They might look pretty young for the most part but you can probably put that down to the beautiful lighting as much as anything else… Their average age is actually around 25 – often the same age, if not older than the person asking the question.

4. Are you guys students?

This one is pretty much a combination of the two questions above packaged into a quick jab in the ribs. It’s another accidentally offensive question to be asked when you’re 25 and half way through a 12 hour work day. To be fair, some professional musicians might be music students, but I’d hope most folks could tell the difference between them at the age of 19 and the age of 25!

5. Can you put ‘insert song here’ on?

A band might be able to play your song request on the spot, but they’ll have spent hours in the rehearsal room committing it to memory, so asking them to ‘put a song on’ like they’re dropping a needle on a record player is something that’s a bit offensive to a musician.

6. Can I sing a song with you?

It’s usually a drunken guest at a wedding that asks this one. First of all, it’s a bit lazy for a band to let someone else do their job! Secondly, standing on stage with a live band is a very loud place to be, so much so that you can’t actually hear yourself sing, nor can you can’t hear your voice coming out of the speakers because you’re standing behind them, so imagine how bad a wobbly drunken chap singing without being able to himself sounds… It’s usually not good!

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