Dance Floor

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Dance Floor Photography

So, you’ve booked one of our bands and you want to remember the crazy shapes that your guests will be throwing at the end of the night? Lots of unforgettable moments happen when people jump onto a dance floor so we built this package to make sure you’ve got them captured in beautiful digital format!

Like the name suggests, the Dance Floor Photography package is for when the band starts performing, your guests limber up, and the party really kicks into gear. We’ll be there to capture the energy, excitement and fun of the evening – right up to the end!

  • Dance Floor Photography
  • £199
  • Coverage from the band’s first set.

What kind of coverage will I get?

We’ll be snapping right from the band’s first note! Mostly from the dance floor, but we’ll make our way around the room too.

How many images will I receive?

You’ll get 40-60 digital images in high-resolution for printing and low-resolution for uploading to Facebook.

When will I get my pictures?

You’ll receive your images on a USB stick within 5-7 days of your event and we’ll also upload them to our gallery on Facebook.

Pictures from some of our recent events

Here’s what it looks like.

Getting married?

Don’t miss those magic moments at the end of the night!

By the time your first dance kicks in your photographer will likely have been working for around 12 hours straight, and is quite rightly due a break! Most photographers will head home shortly after this – it’s almost impossible for them to stay right until the end, as you might imagine, so why not let us step in and take care of the snaps for the ‘rock n roll’ part of the night?

When you look back on your big day this is usually the point when you start referring to your pictures as ‘legendary’ and chuckle to yourself as you share your friends’ dangerously questionable dance moves on Facebook – important and potentially embarrassing moments are not to be missed!

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